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Water From My Stone

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💬Interactive Post: What would you say or do for someone who feels that no one cares about what he has to say?

Heya, aliens! I’m almost out of my stump, just need a little more time. Related: The Stump— SHE LIVES!!! and What’s Going On? Let’s talk about something plaguing the youth: stress and depression. My dad came across a news article by the Economist titled “Generation Z is stressed, depressed, and exam-obsessed[.]” After viewing the title,…

What’s Going On?

Dear Aliens, Something’s going on. It’s severe, maybe fatal. I don’t know if I can withstand it. And can you guess what’s worse? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS! Firstly, I must clarify that this is a pathetic post—a no-good filler. The type of post squished between two good ones when you have something…


Hey, aliens! A week has passed me by, in which I was supposed to post but didn’t. 😀 ‘Tis currently 11 p.m. around my place. Why would one post at this time, you may ask?CONVICTION! Also, just wanted to thank ye, aliens. 10 followers! (2/10 are bots, but let’s leave out that minuscule detail, shall…

Studying My Favorite Passage: Genesis 1

Preview: God’s love, sovereignty, omnipotence, ability, creativity, and care can be traced back to the Bible’s very first book, in the first chapter. Hey, aliens! Question: have you ever gotten teary-eyed while reading the Bible? I startled myself by tearing up when reading Genesis 1. I know the world as beautiful—think waterfalls, lilies, cheetahs, ocean,…


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Welcome, aliens! ‘Tis I, Breanna—a pilgrim, a child of God, a homeschooler, sister, daughter, jokester, dancer, and much more! My full introduction is here. (Beware: it’s deep and serious.)
“Come, follow me.”